Michael Bailey - About Me


My name is Mike Bailey and I’m a passionate Software Developer. When I’m not writing code you’ll either find me indulging my desire for travel or scampering up a mountain rock climbing.

I’m an independent contractor based in Oxford in the UK. I’m not looking for permanent roles, but if you have an interesting project and are looking for a contractor, please check out my skills and feel free to contact me if it is a good fit.

I try to be a polygot and use the right tool for the job rather than always falling back on the same languages. While the majority of code I end up writing is in one of the common object orientating languages, I love learning new things and always have a side project on the go which is often using something a bit more obscure.

I believe the best choice is often the tried and tested one, but I’m not afraid to take a risk when necessary.

Rock Climbing